About us

 Les voyageuses [le vwa.ja.ʒøz] is a French noun referring to female travelers.

Whether you are on a journey to a place you love, a place you don’t know yet, or even on the path of self-discovery, life is a journey and in one way or another, we are all voyageuses.

Our travel experiences, the places we’ve been as well as the way we travel have shaped our collections, influencing  our choices, compelling us to only use noble and durable materials like leather or textured fabrics to create shoes that endure.

Because we believe shoes should last for longer than a round trip.


Les voyageuses label


We wanted to be able to wear slides in Bali one day or strappy heels on a summer night in Paris. Our lines are easy to wear and can be worn all day long and into the night, that’s how easy we want things to be.

Although les voyageuses was established in 2018 in Hong Kong, we now operate online from Sydney and ship exclusively in Australia.


Les voyageuses label


Born in Paris but raised on a French island off the coast of Madagascar, our founder Channy set course for China, where her multicultural background and love for shoes started to shape the idea of les voyageuses.

In 2018, her desire for quality materials and easy to wear footwear morphed into a casual chic label with a French flair and les voyageuses designs started popping up in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

And now, very luckily, Australia ♡